Debt Mediation

Take control of your debt

Are you overcome with credit card debt? Are you struggling to make your minimum payments due to high interest rates? Are you thinking about filing Bankruptcy?

JW Financial will evaluate your needs and design a custom program tailored to resolving this burden quickly and efficiently. We provide expert debt mediation services that help you take control of your debt in a legal and affordable way by settling your debts.

Our Debt Mediation program will allow you to:


Reduce Your Total Unsecured Debt


Resolve overall debt within 12-48 months


Set Aside Funds With One Low Monthly Program Payment



How It Works

Debt Mediation, also known as Debt Settlement, is an option to alleviate your monthly obligations by settling your debts for less.

JW Financial Solutions will work tirelessly on your behalf to negotiate with your creditors. The goal is to reach an agreement to pay less than what is owed as quickly as possible based on your monthly program payment.

Our Process

  • Consultation

    Speak with one of our expert debt specialists to determine if this is the right option for you. They will discuss your financial hardship and income status to see if you qualify for our Debt Mediation program. Our consultation is confidential, free and has no obligation.

  • Options

    In addition to discussing our service, we will inform you of all of your options so that you can make an educated decision.

  • Program Details

    If our program is a good fit for your needs, we will explain, in great detail, the structure of the program, fees, expectations, and benefits. If you opt to move forward in the process, you will sign an Agreement with JW Financial Solutions.

  • Savings Account

    A special purpose Savings Account will be setup in your name where the agreed to monthly program payment will accrue for settlement purposes.

  • Negotiations

    Our negotiators will communicate with your creditors to finalize settlements as quickly as possible based on your monthly program payment.We will also work to save you the most money possible. Once an agreement has been reached and you accept the offer, the settlement will be disbursed and the commission will be paid to JW Financial Solutions. The process is then repeated until all of your accounts have been satisfied and you graduate from the program.



Qualification is very simple. There are three main things you must have to qualify for our Debt Mediation Program:

Unsecured Debt (10K+)

  • Credit Cards
  • Collections
  • Personal Loans
  • Private Student Loans
  • Medical Bills
  • Other Unsecured Debt

Financial Hardship

  • Significant Decrease in Income
  • Tax problems resulting in Financial Hardship
  • Divorce Resulting in Financial Hardship
  • Tax problems resulting in Financial Hardship
  • Loss of Employment
  • Accident resulting in Increased Liabilities and Inability to Cover Basic Expenses
  • Significant Expenses for Children (Including Tuition)
  • Limited Fixed Income with Insufficient Funds to Cover Basic Expenses
  • Significant Medical Expenses
  • Death in Family resulting in Financial HardshipSignificant Expenses for Family Elder CareLegal Action resulting in Financial Hardship
  • Job Relocation resulting in a Financial Hardship
  • Other


One Low Monthly Program Payment

Our Debt Mediation program will consolidate all of your enrolled accounts into one low monthly payment Instead of merely lowering your interest rates.

Freeing up disposable income will allow you to live more comfortably while resolving your debts once and for all.

Pay Less

Our Debt Mediation program is designed to have your accounts settled for less than the amount owed.

Instead of continuing to make minimum payments while knowing that your balances are not decreasing nearly as rapidly as you would like them to, allow us to reach agreements with your creditors to pay less.

Payoff Sooner

Our Debt Mediation program is designed to have you debt free in 12-48 months (depending on financial ability) as opposed to the 5-30 years it would take with minimums or Debt Management.